Quinteto Criollo is a six-piece group based in Santa Clara, Cuba. It was formed on April 22nd 1996 with a mission to preserve and to promote the traditional music of the Cuban campesino culture.

The band has six members although it’s name implies a five-piece (quinteto). The sixth member is Ernestina Trimiño – one of the greatest voices in Cuban traditional music. The band also includes her husband, Mayito Gutierrez who is the bassist and band leader. The other instruments are the “oud” and the “tres” as well as guitar and percussion.

Quinteto Criollo was nominated for a Latin Grammy in 2012.

They have thrilled international  audiences on tours abroad to France, Greece, Canary Islands and Venezuela.

The group has participated five times in the Jornada Cucalambeana which is the most important event of rural music in Cuba and is held in Las Tunas during June and July every year. Many artists come to the Jornada Cucalambeana from different countries of the world.

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